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Join Quanteam UK
as a Contractor


Contractors enjoy flexibility in choosing projects while still benefiting from the structure and support of Quanteam UK. This allows you to align your work with your expertise and preferences.

Via your limited company

Contractors commonly enjoy the advantage of commanding higher pay rates compared to their permanent counterparts. When possible, opting for independent contracting allows the possibility of operating through a personal service company, offering numerous tax efficiencies and a more favourable return for the effort invested.

Via an Umbrella company

Contractors working through an umbrella company enjoy higher pay rates as well and simplified financial management. You receive a single payment, and the company takes care of tax deductions and all required insurances, reducing the complexity of financial processes associated with independent contracting.

Employee benefits

Contractors working through an umbrella company receive benefits similar to those of traditional employment, such as access to pension schemes, holiday pay, and other perks. This provides a sense of stability and additional financial security.

Join Quanteam UK today as a contractor !

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