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Working with Quanteam UK

Whether you are permanent employee of Quanteam UK or contractor working with us, we will fully integrate you in the company life and development, specifically through our Associate Memorandum. 

The team at Quanteam UK Head Office is fully committed to accelerate the development and growth of the company. The team is made up of Talent Acquisition, Business Management & Human Resources professionals.

Hired by Quanteam UK on a permanent basis, this set up will enable you to commit in a long term relationship, helping you build a solid career by developing your skills and finding longevity in your projects. 

Although your collaboration with us as a contractor will initially be based on a specific project, we value long term relationships, allowing you to ultimately provide your expertise on multiple projects.

Join our Team

Life at Quanteam UK

Whether you are a permanent consultant or a contractor, working at Quanteam UK means being supported throughout your career by a Human Resources team and Managers who are close to you, accessible and attentive to your needs.

Furthermore, being a permanent team member at Quanteam UK also means :

A solid network

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Our wish is to create a long and durable relationship with our consultants. As you are not based in the Head office but on the Client's site, we know that it can sometimes be difficult to feel part of Quanteam. That is why we organise regular events, to enable you meeting and sharing with other consultants, as well as developing a solid internal network within the company. 

A regular follow-up of your evolution

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The fact that you are not physically based in the head office does not prevent us from following you, on a regular basis. Our Business Managers and Talent Managers care about your feelings, needs, and career progression expectations. For this, your point of contact at the head office will come and meet you on site, to discuss and exchange about you and your project. This can be a formal catch up, and an informal one, around a coffee. 

Alongside with that, our Human Resources team remains at you disposal should you need to discuss other topics with them. 

An access to trainings and certifications

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In every highly skilled organisation, continuous skills development is key. That is why Quanteam UK whishes to provide a tailored and adapted training & certifications plan to internal consultants and head office members, aligned with employee's aspirations as well as Quanteam's needs.

An international dimension

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Thanks to our international presence across London, Paris, New York, Brussels, Casablanca...we can help our consultant to build an international career with us, depending on their aspirations. Our "Mobility process" is here to help and encourage this internal mobility.

Referral Programme

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